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Title IX Complaint Form

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Title IX Complaint Form is to inform Lindsey Wilson College of allegations of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sex discrimination in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ("Title IX") so that Lindsey Wilson College may take appropriate action.

All complaints will be reviewed to determine if the allegations meet the definition of sexual harassment under Title IX. Complaints that do not meet standards set forth by Title IX may be referred for consideration under the Lindsey Wilson College Student Code of Conduct, Employee Grievance Procedure, or other processes/procedures as deemed appropriate by Lindsey Wilson College.

Title IX defines sexual harassment to include any of three types of misconduct on the basis of sex, all of which jeopardize the equal access to education that Title IX is designed to protect:

If there is an immediate risk, please contact Public Safety and Security at 270-384-8106 or local police at 911.

Please fill out as much information as possible based on your knowledge of the incident. Required fields are marked with *