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About RaiderBucks

RaiderBucks are the safe, efficient and practical way to pay for things on campus. RaiderBucks allows your LWC ID card to serve as a personal debit card. To make a purchase, just present or swipe your card at participating campus facilities. It's that easy! The amount of your purchase will then be deducted from your RaiderBucks account. No more ATM fees for cash withdraws and no more lugging your checkbook around.

RaiderBucks are convenient to use and safer than carrying cash. You can easily access and manage your account online anytime via the Blue Raider Portal. Your RaiderBucks account is automatically available when your LWC Card is created. All you have to do is add money to your card.

RaiderBucks also makes a perfect gift for students. Parents and family members can add money to a student's RaiderBucks account as well. All they will need to know is the LWC ID Number as it appears on your LWC ID Card and your birth date.
What are RaiderBucks?


  • Safety: RaiderBucks allow you to make purchases without the need to carry cash. Because your ID displays your photograph, only you can use the card to make a purchase.
  • Convenience: RaiderBucks eliminate the need to carry cash, and they speed up your checkout time.
  • Budgeting: Tracking your expenditures is made easy. An account statement is available online via the Blue Raider Portal.


  • RaiderBucks are available to all current LWC students, faculty, and staff
  • RaiderBucks are strictly voluntary and there are no fees associated with its use.
  • Lindsey Wilson College is not responsible for loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, damage or misuse of your LWC ID card.
  • Funds are added instantly and are available for use immediately using your LWC ID card.
  • RaiderBucks cannot be converted into cash.
  • Your LWC ID Card isn't transferable and remains the property of the LWC and must be returned if requested.
  • In the event that your LWC ID card is lost or stolen you can quickly and easily deactivate your card by logging onto Blue Raider Portal and selecting the appropriate link under your "profile".
  • Replacement cards cost $5 and can be obtained at the Wellness Center or at the Student Services office currently located on the top floor of the V.P. Henry Administration Building.
  • Use of the LWC ID card indicates agreement with card policies.


As a member of the LWC community, adding money to your RaiderBucks account is simple and may be completed online or in person at the Business Office currently located in the basement of the V.P. Henry Administration Building. RaiderBucks gives you the freedom and flexibility of buying power without carrying cash in your pocket.